With empathic expressions and insightful social analysis, A. J. Crenshaw, III has become one of America’s distinguished writers of self-empowering content. His writings and testimony illustrate a quintessential overcomer. A.J. utilizes his life experience of descending from a promising scholar to delinquency to ultimately surpassing social barriers and elevating to a path of purpose and success. With his analytical edge, A. J. challenges readers to self-evaluate and assess various social conditions and decision-making.

A. J. Crenshaw, III is the author of his debut book, How Would You Survive? The Incident, The Arrest, And Jail, and CEO of his premiere publishing company Acuité Media. He has been instrumental in combatting mass incarceration for two decades through his career in public service and providing counseling and mentorship for historically underserved youth and their families throughout the DMV metropolitan area. AJ Crenshaw has not only utilized his career and his personal acumen in this specialized area to facilitate and raise awareness for positive youth programming, but he also has acquired a bachelor’s degree in social science from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Bowie State University which equally provide him with technical credentials and a heightened understanding.

At his core, A.J. is a father, husband, and an individual who is passionate about supporting the family and community dynamic. Thru this first installment of work, he provides the foundation for discouraging probable offenders, revolutionizing anti-recidivism, shattering stigmas and barriers imposed upon returning citizens, and providing a lifeline of wisdom to current and potential jail residents.