The Worst Place to Have a Mental Health Diagnosis: Prison

depressed person in cell

Often I receive questions from readers on Quora related to criminal justice, prison and psychology. Early this month I received the question below and felt that my comment was worthy of sharing here as well.  What are the psychological effects of incarceration on prisoners, specifically those with diagnosed mental disorders?How can this be treated or […]

Redefining The Thin Line Between Victims and Offenders

During the initial launch period of the book “How Would You Survive? The Incident, The Arrest, and Jail,” as anticipated, we noted several observations of public opinions including a strong audience that was extremely unsympathetic about the welfare of any individual that chose to commit a criminal offense. Certainly, it is not unreasonable to hold […]

Air Force 1’s: Time Machines With Laces

Sometimes my writer’s juices begin to flow from a brief spark of nostalgia. So, if you are wondering, “What’s up with A.J. and Ronald Reagan?” let me share the correlation. Last Saturday was a ‘guys’ night out for just my youngest son and me. Although we were only going to a movie and dinner– pretty […]

When Anger Management Goes Wrong

“Whenever feelings are activated, there is a potential for conflict…[for many of us] you are at the mercy of how the other person responds to you. The more uncooperative, indignant, or carefree they are… the more vulnerable you are to responding in a manner that may require the police to intervene.” Everyone has a breaking […]