When Anger Management Goes Wrong

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“Whenever feelings are activated, there is a potential for conflict…[for many of us] you are at the mercy of how the other person responds to you. The more uncooperative, indignant, or carefree they are… the more vulnerable you are to responding in a manner that may require the police to intervene.”

Everyone has a breaking point that they pray that no one pushes them to. Than point where our anger management malfunctions.

Don't let them unleash the beast!

Everyone–I do mean every last breathing person–has a breaking point, a last button, a last nerve, a point of no return, that point where our anger management malfunctions. It is the point we pray that no one pushes us to. The point that will unleash the Beast. That beast that lays dormant in each of us awakens after a situation spikes our blood pressure and adrenaline overwhelms our nervous system so much that in the aftermath, we convince ourselves that we blacked out. We can be driven so completely out of character that we can find ourselves standing before a judge who believes that we are and will always be the beast; and, the best possible exorcism is to spend some time with the jailhouse Chaplain.

–excerpt–Chapter 2: Why You May Get Arrested For Dummies

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A.J. Crenshaw, III

A. J. Crenshaw, III is the author of his debut book, How Would You Survive? The Incident, The Arrest, And Jail, and CEO of his premiere publishing company Acuité Media. He has spent two decades as a public servant, motivational speaker, mentor and counselor for historically underserved youth and their families, and an advocate for returning citizens.


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